Building a PURE business is unlike any other business you have ever built.  PURE is a business that, if built CORRECTLY, can become a walk-away residual income.  If you desire a true residual income, there is ONE thing that you must understand from the beginning: YOU and YOUR TEAM must follow a SYSTEM based on DUPLICATION.  It does not matter if you have figured out how to recruit people or sell products in a “special way” that works for YOU. What matters is that your TEAM can build more TEAMS the same way that you did. Think of it this way: if you have to be involved in every phone call, presentation and launch meeting because your team has not been taught to follow a simple system, your business will not grow outside of your home town.  Teaching your team to follow a SYSTEM that everyone in the world can follow will turn into a GLOBAL business that runs, grows, and pays you money 24/7 – whether you’re in the office, on a beach, or at your kid’s soccer game.

So.. What’s the KEY to building a true residual income and a SOLID PURE business?
1. learn and master the SYSTEM as fast as possible; and
2. become a pro at taking every person on your contacts list through that SYSTEM.

Not everyone on your list will make it all the way to the launch meeting, but that isn’t the goal. If you take every contact through the steps of inviting them, presenting to them, then enrolling them, and then launching them, you will build a team.  If  you teach your team to do the same thing, they will build a team.  That is DUPLICATION and DUPLICATION IS THE GOAL.


We call the SYSTEM D=CIPEL (like disciple). D stands for duplication, literally meaning that “duplication equals identifying your contacts, inviting, presenting, enrolling, and launching.”


Remember - you are building a championship team!

Your contacts are your greatest asset when starting your business.

Have a list making session.

The first people you want to talk to are those who are already successful in life, so start off your list by writing down business minded people. Be confident with the opportunity you are sharing. If it excites you, it will excite them too! (don’t worry, we will talk to those product lovers you know eventually)

Write down people you believe, like, and trust.

You will start with a list of 10 on the Action Sheet, but realistically you will need a list of 150-200 names.

Use the Memory Jogger, your contacts in your phone, your Facebook friends, your linked contacts, people you invited to your wedding, people you send Christmas cards to, etc.. to help you think of names!

You will never stop adding to your contact list.

Click Here to view the Memory Jogger


Personally invite each contact to a prearranged presentation where they will see the “The Plan.”

Once you have guests confirmed schedule a connect call with the person who is helping you build that is a sapphire or above.

Listen to our invite audio examples below!


SHOW the Plan to your contacts either by (1) sending a video in the app, (2) directing them to at 9pm est, (3) sitting down and going through The Plan in the PURE Success Magazine, or (4) by using a zoom done by your sponsor or yourself to show them The Plan, which can be found at (click on “The Plan”).

SHARE the product by mixing them up a PURE Energy in person, or send them a sample through the PURE Biz App sampling system!

*Remember - At the end of the presentation you always want to CONNECT them to someone successful on your team by doing a connect call.

Share Stories/Products

Connect with a Leader


At the end of the presentation, ask your contact if they are ready to get started. They will either reply yes, have questions, say they need time to think, reply no, or say they want to try product first.

If they say YES: enroll them, set up their Autoship, and get them bonus qualified.If they need time to think or want to research – point them to the right resources and set a time to follow up.

Example: they want to research compensation plan – send them a link to the compensation plan through the PURE Biz App.

If they say NO: they really mean “not yet.”

If they want to get started on product first, enroll them for $25.00 and get them started on the CORE 4. TIP: If you enroll someone just to try product you need to follow up with them when their product arrives to make sure they are taking it correctly. Then check-in every 3-5 days to see how their progress is going.


This is for people who are ready to get started building a business. Have your newly enrolled IBO go to click on “Launch Pad,” print out the Action Sheet, and watch the Action Sheet Video.

They should set an appointment and present to their first 3-5 people within their first 24-36 hours to get “Out of the Gate in 48” and get their “FIRST 2.”