3 - Point Invitation

Watch this video before going to the next step.

Action Step

Post the 3 point Invitation below to your fb timeline NOW, you can copy and paste it, or type it out yourself and post it.

I'm starting something new

It's gonna be big

Partnering with an awesome brand, teaming up with some successful people

Phil Knight the founder of Nike is one of the owners, message me for more info if you want to know about it before we launch

prospect: I want to know more!

Awesome, I can set up a time to show you The Plan, is 7pm or 8pm better for you tonight or tomorrow? Once we book a time, I will send you a link to jump on a Zoom to check it out.

(you can adjust time based on your availability and your coach's availability)

(get link from your coach for Zoom and book the appointment to Show The Plan and Connect with your coach)

The 3 Point Invitation can also be used as an invitation over the phone or in a text message for Brand Partner prospects, with the goal being to Show The Plan with the help of your coach.

Link to share AFTER Showing The Plan:


Once you have checked off step 7

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