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Action Steps

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script for customers:

Hey! How are you! Saw your request for more info on the post.
Do you need help with more Energy or Weight Loss or both?

prospect: yes!

Awesome, can definitely help you with that! Sending you a link that has some of our testimonies to see. Let me know once you have checked it out!


Once they respond, or after 1 hour

I recommend getting started on this pack to get the fastest results!

(choose one of these packs and copy and paste the image and send to them)

(if they push back on price, you can always fall back to 1 ENERGY and 1 MAX for $64)

Max Energy Pack - $148

FIVE 30 Leanmax w/ Lemon Energy - $225

OK, I'm sending you a link with the products already in the cart and its ready for you to check out. Make sure you choose Preferred Customer to get the best price.

If customer does not order within 24 hrs, reach out and offer to help process the order for them.

If customer does not order within 72 hrs, offer to send them a sample pack.

To send out a sample pack of Max/ENERGY click the link below

Once you have checked off step 5

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