Shawn Springsteen

Colorado Springs, CO


Largest Weekly Check: $2,245*


Project Manager


Shawn was introduced to PURE by a friend and rival wrestling coach. As a long time business owner, he was immediately intrigued by PURE’s philosophy of People United Reaching Everyone – empowering people to become the best version of themselves through innovative products and financial opportunity. Shawn focused on leveraging the PURE opportunity for two reasons; the first being to improve his health with transformational products and the second to add an additional long-term stream of residual income using a revolutionary business model. After joining PURE in September 2014 he made a list, defined his goals, and got to work. Since that time, he has been able to pay off debt, become much healthier, and develop an additional long-term income stream for his family. Working this business part time Shawn has been able to grow personally, professionally, and financially. “PURE has truly been a blessing and answer to prayer.”