Presidential Black Diamond

Leonel & Amy Perez

Wichita, KS


Largest Weekly Check: $24K*


Pilot Former Pharmaceutical Sales


We saw this in August of 2012, and knew this was an answer to our prayers. Leonel is a corporate pilot and had a wakeup call on his health after turning forty, he lost his license to fly. The medication prescribed to him had too many side effects. We realized that we were paying to be sick instead of paying to be well. In just two months with these products, he lost twenty-five pounds, was taken off of four medications, and received his license back to fly. We started sharing the opportunity, Within two years, we achieved the Blue Diamond rank and now achieved Presidential with our highest paycheck $24,000 in one week. We have earned 3 cruises and an incredible trip to Bora Bora. We just earned a trip to Italy for 2020. Finally, my dream to replace my income and be a stay at home mom came true. We feel it is a moral obligation to share this mission of HOPE, empower people and change lives around the world.