Patrick & Alexis Parnell

Denver, CO


Largest Weekly Check: $3,200*


Business Owner, Retired Military, Registered Nurse, Military Veteran


Patrick and Alexis eat clean and organic as much as possible but they knew they needed to bridge the nutritional gap in their life. They were already doing this but sourcing from many different sources. PUREjust made things simple, in high quality and one place. The business plan of PURE is the simplest, most financially lucrative income-generating model in the market today. The opportunity is available to anyone who chooses to decide they want to change their lives and is willing to put the effort behind their decision and plug into a proven method and process for success. They chose to believe in the bigger picture and prioritized their time from their traditional businesses to focus on their PURE business and team. Patrick and Alexis were profitable the first week in the business. Coming in with the 1500PV pack and following the system, they sponsored their first three people within the first week and nave not looked back. The products are completely paid for from their profits just by sharing the message of better health. They have experienced amazing improvement in their health along with weight loss and are excited and fired up to help their team experience the same success!