Blue Diamond

Steve & Joni Michael

Larchwood, IA


Over $30K in just 5 months*


Business Owners


Steve and Joni began using the products offered by PURE in 2010. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle and using supplements was part of their daily routine. Once they began using the products, they realized very quickly that the Cleanse, Balance, Build and Focus philosophy of PURE, set this company's product line apart from all others. They saw an immediate increase in their energy levels, began sleeping better and simply felt an overall sense of better health.+ Interestingly, they came looking for a good nutritional product and walked away with a business. As business owners, Steve and Joni were truly doing what they loved to do…building businesses. Unfortunately, they were doing what they loved but never saw who they loved. They felt their life had a debt that most don't think about until too much of it has passed away…that debt is TIME. They saw this business model of manufacturer to consumer, with a product that was clearly making a difference in their life, as a vehicle for them to compress time while creating a residual income for their family. PURE had what the world needs…an answer to living a healthier life, both physically and financially. Steve and Joni believed that PURE was the vehicle for change in their life and could be that change for so many others. A change to live a healthier life…physically and financially.