Linda Ajayi

Ikeja Lagos Nigeria


Largest Check: $6,000


Self Employed


As a young and fresh graduate in Nigeria, Lagos was new home for me.. family was expecting help from me and I was struggling to settle down in Lagos with bills from home still coming in. Amy Perez and Dupe where so patient with me when they introduced me to PURE because I already belonged to one company and wanted to give it my all before looking at other options, but when I found out I had a better opportunity with PURE with incredible leaders and an amazing product and compensation plan, I listened to them and prayed about it, because I was scared of stepping out of my comfort zone. Today I am glad I did with the help of Dupe, Amy Perez, Dr Toyin and Dr Etuk. Linda tried other mlm businesses before finding PURE, she was constantly broke, frustrated and close to being depressed.Linda is so grateful to have found PURE! She worked with her team consistently and had a plan in place. She continued to work the process and achieved her goal of DIAMOND rank!! Linda has goals to reach Crown diamond in the future but has her sites on hitting Presidential Black Diamond before the year ends.