Chairman Black Diamond

Taryn Lieker

Hays, KS


Over $2M in Lifetime Earnings*


Entrepreneur, Hospitality, Real Estate


Prior to PURE, the Leikers were living paycheck to paycheck and working 5 jobs. They had lost the ability to dream and hope; they were just coping. When they saw PURE, they had hope for their health and finances. Since implementing the PURE lifestyle, they are now healthier; Taryn is 54lbs lighter and James has gained 31lbs of solid muscle.** By sharing the products and opportunity, they now have financial freedom and design their life and schedule according to their priorities. They’ve been able to travel to 6 continents, earn a consistent 6 figure income since year one and build homes for the extreme poor as a family. “PURE is an incredible vehicle for those willing to take action in their health and finances!”