Brent & Lynette Keys

Owasso, OK


Largest Weekly Check: $4,023*


Petroleum Engineer, Oncology Nurse


Brent and Lynette evaluated this opportunity in 2012. At the time, Lynette was an Oncology Nurse and they were both working 50 hours a week and never saw each other or their children. They would pray every day, not for change, but for peace that they were doing the right things for a quality and quantity of life and securing a strong financial future for their family. Their prayers were answered the day they grabbed this blessing and started to build a volunteer army of families who wanted a better life just like they did. In seven months they hit Diamond Executive and Lynette retired from her full-time practice making double her salary and working less than part time.* By incorporating a healthier lifestyle, Lynette lost 25 pounds and Brent lost 35 pounds, their 10-year-old son, and Lynette’s 80-year-old father both saw great improvement in their health, and their oldest son hit Platinum Director at just 19 years old.** Now they get to travel the world, have the time freedom to pour into their children, and are genuinely healthy and debt-free. “We are proving every day that you can truly have the life you’ve always dreamed of.”