Blue Diamond

Troy & Denay Hounshell

Lubbock, TX


Largest Weekly Check: $5,700


Physical Therapists & Business Owners


When my wife and I were introduced to PURE, I was NOT interested in the business aspect of the company. I thought we were simply too busy to add anything else to our hectic schedule. At the time, we owned two traditional businesses and were very busy with our two young children's activities. However, because Denay was really looking to improve her health, and we were tired of depending on Medicare and insurance companies for our income, we decided that taking a look at the compensation plan was worth our time. After deciding to pursue the business side of PURE, we simply followed the guidance of our support team. We saw them having tremendous financial success and knew that if we would simply do what they did, we could have what they have! We started setting up appointments almost immediately, and were able to reach the Silver Director rank within two months. Just as in any business, there are ups and downs. We stayed at that rank for several months, but we kept setting up appointments to show the plan, stayed in frequent contact with our support team, and tied into all available training opportunities (i.e. conference calls, live meetings, etc.). We knew that as long as we were consistent and persistent with our business activities, and most importantly, DIDN'T QUIT, good things were going to happen. The more we focused on people on our team reaching new ranks and achieving success, the more success we had. We reached the Ruby Executive level in less than a year from our join date, sold one of our traditional businesses to focus more on PURE, and reached the Diamond Level in two years! We are now at the Blue Diamond rank and are confident that we are going to help a lot of people achieve their financial and health goals with PURE. What we did to get to Ruby is the same thing we did to get to Blue Diamond, is the same thing others have done, and is the same thing you can do to get there and beyond! Our goal is a completely debt free lifestyle, with the ability to travel as we please, as well as diversify our business portfolio by leveraging our income through PURE to pursue other entrepreneurial endeavors. The only way to achieve these lofty goals is to help others achieve their goals with PURE!