Dwayne Gaulding

Statesville, NC


Largest Weekly Check: $8,400


NASCAR Marketing


A year and a half ago, Dwayne and Krissy sat down to evaluate Pure because Dwayne realized he was overweight- pushing 280 pounds!! They decided to join the Pure Team Global family and took the PURE products. They saw immediate results that were very relevant to both of them! What was the mind blower for them was the health change and the compensation model that PURE had in place. They started receiving checks just for spreading the word on Dwayne's weight loss with others! Once they started to take action and started sharing with others what they were doing, they quickly realized they were building a huge team so they plugged into Pure Team Global with all of the other leaders. Dwayne has decided to dedicate his work ethic to PURE and become one of the millionaires in PURE that Pure Team Global has given the tools to do so!