Chairman Black Diamond

Javier & Rachel Garcia

Jacksonville, FL


Largest Weekly Check: $56,469*


Contractor, Physicians Assistant


Rachel and Javier had zero free time when they were introduced to PURE. They were new parents with an infant and a toddler. Rachel was working 12 hours a day seeing patients as a Physician Assistant. She had just invested in and opened a skin care retail store and Javier was struggling to keep his construction business afloat. When they evaluated PURE, they saw a way to help people’s health with a whole, raw food philosophy and an easy way to secure an additional income stream for their family. Their first year they earned over six figures with less than 30 minutes per day of effort.* They now make more than triple what Rachel used to make working 12-hour days as a PA. Javier and Rachel are passionate about teaching people how to build a full-time income by sharing PURE part time from anywhere.