Noel & Erin Burnsed

Stateboro, GA


Largest Weekly Check: $15,600*


Construction & Landscaping Business Owner, Wells Fargo Bank Manager


Noel and Erin Burnsed jumped at the opportunity and considered themselves blessed and highly favored when they were linked with PURE to build a large relational marketing business with longtime friends, Brig & Lita Hart. No strangers to the relational marketing industry, Noel and Erin were excited about starting a multi-million-dollar business with very low start-up costs. Noel has over 30 years of experience in networking and has owned multiple successful and profitable businesses. Erin has over 20 years of experience in not only corporate America, but also being a very successful entrepreneur. Erin has most recently owned several high-end, luxury boutiques in Savannah, GA. Noel and Erin are confident that PURE is headed in the right direction towards $1 billion and they are looking forward to building a highly successful and winning team. They have written down their Black Diamond date and cannot wait to help others become more physically, financially and spiritually free with PURE!