Rex & Ronda Baker

Grand Junction, CO


Largest Weekly Check: $3,700*


Manufacturing, Retired Teacher


PURE has been a blessing to the Baker family. Ronda is a two-time cancer survivor who understands the importance of getting quality, natural nutrients into the body on a consistent basis. When she saw the Cleanse, Balance and Build philosophy of PURE she chose to jump in with the largest pack option. It ended up being the best investment in their health and finances they ever made. The products have helped to support Rex and Ronda’s healthy lifestyle changes, they are eating healthy and getting regular exercise. As a result, they have both been able to lose weight and have experienced relief from aging stiffness. Since incorporating a healthier lifestyle, their LDL cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and blood panels are within normal ranges. Ronda lost 25 lbs, 5 inches in her waist, and went from a size 12 to size 8 within three months of making healthy lifestyle changes and flooding her body with PURE supplements; and has maintained for four years. She noticeably deals with stress better and has experienced amazing health benefits. Rex lost 10 pounds and feels like exercising more often. Both have increased energy and mental focus.**+ By sharing PURE they feel they are able to offer others hope and an opportunity to improve their family’s health and/or income. The income from PURE’S generous reward plan has allowed them to remain debt free, add to retirement savings, donate more, and spend time enjoying family and life in general. They appreciate the selfless leadership within the PURE family. They cherish the relationships they have built and are inspired by their wonderful team and their testimonies.