Blue Diamond

Trace & Andrea Bailey

Piedmont, OK


Largest Weekly Check: $4,672*


Roofing Contractor, School Teacher


Trace and Andrea were introduced to PURE in September of 2011 and became committed product users. Their family quickly experienced great benefits in their health from utilizing the products and began living a healthier lifestyle. In October of 2012, Trace and Andrea had been praying about several new income opportunities but never had complete peace. In January of 2013, they set their first appointment to share PURE with some long-time friends who saw the opportunity and joined PURE. From that moment on, Trace and Andrea caught the vision, and recognized that PURE was the path that God was leading them to. They connected with their leaders and took massive, focused, intentional action, then helped their team do the same. Their decision to go all in and take action resulted in their achievement of the rank of Blue Diamond in less than 70 days of starting their PURE business, which, in turn, earned them a six-figure income as well as helping three of their personally sponsored IBO’s achieve the rank of Ruby Executive.* Trace and Andrea also qualified for the Ruby cruise with their three personals and the Diamond trip to Brazil that first year. They have had the blessing of even more incentive trips and hope to help many others join them on a lot more to come! Trace and Andrea’s mission and desire is to serve others well and give more in value to help them achieve healthier, more fulfilling lives while attaining greater time and financial freedom.